Thursday, March 27, 2014

MG Blitz Gundam Ver. Amuro

Hello! My long gunpla break is over. And yes, finally done working with this guy! This kit also marks my return in Gunpla after going on a hiatus for almost a year and a half (moved to playing airsoft).

Photo(s) we're taken by "Modus" (of ModPink Design Studios), a very close friend of mine (He's like my brother from another mother hehe).

Everything we're hand-painted using Tamiya Acrylics. And I swear, this will also be the last time I'll handpaint using Tamiya paints. I will be switching over to either Citadel and/or Vallejo paints. Tamiya paints gave me a headache. Seriously, I have to strip and paint most of the parts OVER AND OVER AGAIN just to make it right.

Weathered the kit because I plan on making or putting it on a diorama. Not sure when, but you bet I'll work on it after my next build.

Anyway, I now present to you... My MG Blitz Ver. Amuro!

Thanks for viewing~ Still need to work on my hand-painting skills hehe.

Till my next build or update <3