Thursday, June 23, 2011

WIP SD Astray PT3

A lil update on my SD Astray! XD

And this is my progress so far~

That's it! till next update! XD

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spray painting w/ Mr. Pink xD

Painted a scrap part earlier---- The video was made for the people/friends who were wondering, how far I paint :D

Friday, June 10, 2011

WIP SD Astray PT2

A small update on my SD Astray, I did something on the shoulder armor..Still working on it though :)

That's it for this update, I'll try to finish the shoulder w/in the day..till then~

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MG GM Ver. 2.0 Group Build!

Yes, I'm not done yet with my SD Astray..But earlier, we <me and my friends/fellow modelers> have discussed what will be our next GB, and decided that it'll be a GM Ver. 2.0..GM's design is SOOOOOOOOO plain that you can do a lot of stuffs to it, and in my opinion, the kit is a perfect kit for mods and stuffs XD..

This is not about who's good or who's a better modeler, this is about enjoying the hobby and the GB..I joined the GB to <again> learn and get used to modding gunpla's or model kits in general, to help improve my "skills" <if you call it skills> in this hobby. If ever, this will be my 2nd attempt to mod a kit! HELL YEAH!! XD

Anyway, here's the current list of the peepz who'll join this MG GM Ver. 2.0 Group Build

Niko/Mr. Pink
Ray Mark/

Thursday, June 2, 2011

WIP SD Astray PT1

Got this SD kit from a friend of mine, and I joined the SD Astray GB of my friends..I actually planning on doing a clean build on the kit, but decided to try and do some moddings to it to experience and to learn how to do things..

This is my progress so far, I'm trying to create a beam like bow weapon, that at the same time, can be used as a melee weapon..anyway, here are the pictures taken earlier..

Trust me, I know nothing about scratchbuilding nor modding, this is the first time I tried doing yeah, it took me hours just to make this one XD..Still working on it though, here's how it looks..