Saturday, August 6, 2011

Brando Bell Unit Group Build Update! [Member's List!]

Minimum requirements met, at now..were on the planning stages of when and how long the GB will last.. :D

Below is the current list of the members of the GB :D..

Derrick Bloodedge
Kevin Samaniego
Shaq Phantomhive
Jeremy Macalino
Kim Dominguez

David Ceremonia
Niko Barcelon
Jigs Odin
Nichols Sayson
Tam Santos

Zen Filtzgriff
Erick Tubiera
Bok Cruz
Romulo Terrado

HGUC ReZEL [Normal/CMD Ver.]
Setsuna F. Exia
Stephen Tuazon
Aaron Tancungco
Billy Potz

Ohhhh...I'm so excited! XD..

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Been very, very, busy this past few days, and fortunately..I did find some spare time to something about my current WIP, which is the MG IJ..and so, here are the stuffs I did ;)..

Did some nubmark fixing/sealing on the body armors, here are some of the photos taken :D..

And below is the progress of the frame, I'm already done painting it xD..

That's it, will be working on the armors of the arm probably by this weekend ;),,till then! :D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Brando Bell Unit Group Build

Brando Bell Unit, our aim is to hunt and destroy the famous Londo Bell Unit.

Ok, enough..There will be 3[three] kits that will be used in this GB, and YOU[members/people who'll join] will only have to choose one..A HGUC GM III,  HGUC LOTO's, HGUC   JESTA's..minimum of 4[four] members per kit to open, so we'll be needing at least 12members to start this GB :))