Friday, September 30, 2011

WIP SD Astray PT4

I'm trying to somewhat make a peg/joint so that I can attach the rezel wings I got from a friend, and so..I ended up doing something like this....

Cemented those homemade joints/pegs or whatever, onto the scrap launcher striker backpack afterwards :)

Also, I started working on one of it's weapon, a Lance :D..I used the broken horn of a scrapped zoid and some parts of the beam saber included in the SD Astray kit ;)'s the before and after pic of it :D..

That's it, till next update! :D

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paint Stripping via Acetone

Credits to sir vanz of GMAC / MAC :)

Materials you'll be needing~

Apply some acetone on the cottons~

Rub it on the part/piece to be stripped~

Viola~ :D

IMO, this is more effective than using denatured alcohol..I haven't tried using IPA's for paint stripping, so can't compare it yet to IPA..and oh, using this one for paint stripping sessions is so...exhausting :))..

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mr. Pink tried using 'Future' Pledge :D

I was looking for a cheap alternative for gloss topcoat to do my panel wash on my IJ since Bosny's Clear Gloss is too thick for me, and remembered that I saw on sir DC23's blog that he uses this Future Pledge to do the job, also, I asked sir T.V.A. *The Virgin Angel* with regards to using Pledge/Future for topcoating before panel wash..and I bought one right away XD..anyway, here are the photos of what I did on some scraps XD..

What I did was painted the part chrome and then, applied Future/Pledge on it..

Seriously, it's so EASY to use. You don't have to do something like mix it with other stuffs before applying on the kit. You don't have to even worry about brush marks/strokes since it's self leveling. And it's shiny! XD

So, if you guys are looking for a cheap alternative for your gloss coat, I highly recommend this one XD..

Till then! :D

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


AH! YES! FINALLY! I'll be able to start working on this kit again XD..

Sanded the parts first before putting some putty...

Now...Time for some Putty session!!! Let's remove those nasty nubs! XD

Waited for them to dry up *3-4hrs*, and sanded the putty down XD..

Now, if you guys still remember on my last update..I already did some nubmark fixing on the chest armor, what I did earlier was paint them, only the black parts though..Painted them w/ Bosny Flat Black.. *sanded them first before painting*..

And! Installed those armor pieces on the frame :D..

That's it for this update! till next time! XD

WIP SD Astray PT04

Tried doing some platings on the buster sword that my SD Astray will be using :D. Then I started working on the backpack of my SD Astray ;).

Thursday, September 1, 2011