Saturday, December 31, 2011


YAY! I was able to finish the backpack before the year ends! are the photo's taken :3..

• Fixed nubmarks via Tamiya Basic Putty
• Primed using Bosny Primer Grey
• Paints used are:
   - Bosny Flat Black
   - Nikko Flat White
   - Kobe Deep Red
   - Nikko Yellow

and it is... :D

And this is the unpainted backpack:

Now, what's left are the beam rifle and shield :D..then I'll be working on panel lining the whole kit via Enamel Wash and will do decal works afterwards :)..Thanks for viewing! :D

SHITS HAPPEN!: Lost an important part to the FATUM Unit of my IJ!

As I finished sanding the last few parts of the FATUM/Backpack of my IJ this afternoon, I noticed that I am missing something...below is a scan of a manual from DALONG.NET, I encircled the part that is missing..

I was about to panic because I wanted to finished working on the backpack before the year ends. BUT! Instead of panicking at my room like hell, I decided to think of a way to somehow IMPROVISE the missing part. I then decided to use an old/unused PC/Polycap from my SF kit..and here it is..

I then cut the upper part using my hobby knife, and shaved it to fit in the wings at the backpack, glued it afterwards using a super glue (Mighty Bond)..

Test fitted it, and it perfectly fits! yay! :3

Lesson learned! If you happen to lost a part on your kit, don't panic yet, instead..think of a way on how to somehow "improvise" that missing part! ;)..till then! :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


This is what I have done on my IJ for the past 3weeks. It's been a while since I did an update in this guy, mainly because I'm pretty busy at school and some IRL stuffs..I do hope I finish working on the backpack before the year ends :)..and so, here are the photo's taken :)

• Removed the Seamlines/Nubs on some parts of the Rifle.
• Primed/Painted some parts of the Rifle.
• Started disassembling the backpack.
• Removed the Seamlines/Nubs of the wings of the backpack.
• Primed/Painted the wings of the backpack.

• Paints that I used:
   - Bosny Primer Grey
   - Bosny Flat Black
   - Nikko Medium Grey
   - Kobe Deep Red


Shield and Rifle primed + painted :)

Fatum Unit before disassembling:

Disassembled the backpack:

I did some sanding and removal of nubmarks on some parts of the backpack:

Primed the Wings of the backpack:

Painted them afterwards:

Still waiting for the putty to dry/cure before sanding them :D..That's it for this update! :D..Till then! XD

Unboxing: 1/144 RG Aile Strike Gundam

My very first RG, which I got from the MAC Forums Anniversary party back at August 2011 (bought it from a co-MAC member ;) ). With matching words/autograph from the Poison Monkeys! yay! XD

Still haven't built it yet though..and I don't have any plans on building it anytime soon XD.anyway, here are the photos :D..

That's it! till then~ :D

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Zaku Madness!

Damn! I LOVE this kit XD..It's soooo cute XD (for me at least XD)..


Now, it's time for some exercise :3..and we'll do this, the Zaku way! XD

Oh GREAT!..I just stepped on a shi~ XD

Yoga, anyone? XD

Hey, can any other kits do this? XD..touching their foot with their bare hands!? XD

That was fun! Relaxation time! :3

......after an hour.....

Zaku: Hey you!
RF Kai: Yeah?
Zaku: They say you have the most awesome articulation in the MG line!
RF Kai: Got a problem with it?

Zaku: I challenge you to a duel of articulation(s)!
RF Kai: Challenge accepted! >:3

RF Kai: So...what's next?..
Zaku: Just copy every pose I make!

Zaku: Round 1!!
RF Kai: Is that all?

Zaku: Do the snake pose!
RF Kai: A bit harder please <_<

Zaku: NEXT!..Push ups!
RF Kai: Next please!?

Zaku: NOW! can you do this WITHOUT an action base!?


Zaku: I'm still NUMBAH ONE!!!!!

Damn! I just can't get over with this guy XD..I soooooo love my OGRE!!! XD

Snap-fitting my beloved OGRE!

I've finally decided to snap build my beloved OGRE!! and so, here are the photos taken during the assembly :D




Lower portion of the body (legs, feet, waist)

MY BELOVED OGRE!!!! <3 <3 <3

About the build? It was fun, although..I did had a hard time assembling the pipe parts >_<..had a hard time sanding them and attaching them..but overall, the build was fun :D..I'm very satisfied and in love with this kit right now XD..till then!