Monday, January 23, 2012



Hi guys and girls! It's me again! XD. I do have a new project and this is the HG-GPB Bearguy that I recently bought. I'm planning on painting this pink (finally! XD) using spraycans as usual.

My initial goal was to finish this guy on or before February 13, so I'm pretty sure you already get what this kit is actually for :). Will also try and do a minor mod on the head (the mono-eye thing). To add up, I'll be actually doing 2 Bearguys. Tho, still haven't got my hands on my third one (YES, I already got 2, and I'm planning on getting another one just for this project lol, while the first Bearguy will just be plainly snapbuilt).

And so..It has begun!..

Did a wetsanding on the kit, here are the photos taken:

Before wetsanding:


Now, time to remove those visible seamlines!

Applied cement and this is how it looks like:

Waited for a day (12-18hrs) for the cement to cure, and sanded the body. Primed it afterwards and the seamlines were still visible :(.

But! no worries! Putty will save the day! YAY!

Applied it on the visible seamlines and yeah..did wait for a day for the putty to cure up :)..sanded it afterwards:
Ran out of primer but, It should be fine after priming :)..

And now, the head XD..did a lil modification on the head, here it is:

Did the same thing on the head. Sand > Apply Cement > Let it dry/cure for a day > Sand > Apply Putty if seamlines are still visible :).

Now, this is the modification I'm talking about:

Filled it with putty afterwards :D

Waiting for the putty to cure up, and yeah! That's basically it for this update :D..till next update! ;)

HGFC Nobell Gundam

Again, one of my late uploads..

My HGFC Nobell Gundam..I was originally planning on doing some platings on her, but never actually started doing it lol..anyway, here she is XD..

That's it! :D..till then~ :3

HG-GPB Bearguy

Another one of my "Late-uploaded" pictures lol..My HG-GPB Bearguy! :3

One of my favorite kits <3 XD..

MG Astray Red Frame Kai

Late upload, but is my MG ARF Kai :)..

Back heavy as expected, overall, this kit is worth every penny XD.

Sunday, January 22, 2012