Thursday, March 29, 2012

WIP: Operation AMRe: MG ARF

First project under my very own 'Operation: AMRe', a MG Astray Red Frame.

Did a bit of a height extension, and a lil bit of modifications on this kit..and here are the photos~

I also did 'something' on the body armors XD

Did a lil bit of platings on the...uhm...err...cockpit cover/hatch? lol..

I also used the old front skirt armors of my NG 1/100 Astraea Type-F for this kit :D..still planning on trimming it/making it slimmer (the front skirts).

Added IC Pins on this part:

Then, I did some modifications on the right shoulder armor so that I can attach the Launcher Strike's shoulder parts/accessories.

That's it for this update! :D

Saturday, March 24, 2012

HG-GPB Bearguy done!

Finally! It's done! Although...It's not on pink as planned, still satisfied with the results XD..Wasn't able to do a photoshoot due to I want to give this kit to "her" as soon as possible (was originally planning on giving it to "her" last Valentines (Feb 14) lol)

Paints Used:
Bosny Primer Gray
Nikko Flat White
Nikko Brown
Nikko Medium Gray
Kobe Deep Red
Lotus Cream Yellow


Packing up!

*I do hope that she'll like it :O* *crosses fingers*

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Bearguy Update PT02 (2weeks update)

FINALLY! After sanding for a couple of hours, I DID IT! lol..

Ayt! To clear things up on what happen on this kit, I'll give you guys a breakdown..

If you remember, I applied 2layers of .5mm HIPS(High Impact Plastic Sheets/Polystyrene) on the whole rail system of the 'mono-eye' of the bearguy to somehow cover it up. Unfortunately, after RE-APPLYING for almost 12 times, the said rail system is still visible. SO! I seek guidance from MP (MechaPinoy) and of course, at MAC (Mech Arts Community). And so, they pointed out my mistake. That I should use a 'Epoxy Putty' to fill up a large gap instead of using a 'Basic Putty', since when a Basic Putty cures it shrinks thus making the rail system of the bearguy visible no matter how many times I tried to re-apply/re-putty it lol..

Then! since there are no hobby shops nearby my place, I did ask them if there is an alternative for it that I can get on a Hardware/DIY Shop! Lucky me! there is an alternative for a hobby grade Epoxy Putty, which is.....a Pioneer's Epoxy Putty (Aqua/Wood/Metal). Went to the nearest DIY shop here at my place, and grab one of the Aqua type :)..

And it is!..

First thing I did was remove the 'Basic Putty' in the head.

Then, sanded it down and applied the Pioneer's Epoxy Putty (Aqua Type)~

I know! I applied TOO MUCH putty lol..I let it cure for a day, and trimmed it down using my good old Hobby Knife, then sanded it down! LIKE A BOSS! XD


I also did some seamline removal on some of the Bearguy's parts :D..

Will prime these parts this morning! Till then! XD

Haul: MG L/S Strike Gundam

Got it last week, forgot to post it here lol..