Thursday, April 5, 2012

WIP: Operation: AMRe: Update #3 - Rifle

I really don't know what I'm doing LOL.. It's just like going with the flow haha XD. Anyway, here's what I did with the rifle so far, still needs a LOT of cleaning up and will still do a lot of adding more details and/or changing it. So yeah, this is not the final design yet ;)

Here are the photo's:

Removed the..errr...2nd handle(?) on the rifle.

Now, using my EPIC hobby knife.......

Sanded it down afterwards :D. I'm planning on extending it's length for around 2-4mm :D

Hey look! It's a extra combat knife from the ARF XD

Again, not yet the final design. Still subject to change depends on my liking's lol

Found the..err..weapon of my 1/144 HG 00 7s..then something popped on my head lol..

Again..Not yet the final design, will still change it :D..and that's it for this update~

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP: Operation AMRe: MG ARF Update #2

And so, here are the stuffs I did on my ARF these past few days :D..

While I was planning on how the platings should be on the chest armor, something popped up on my head XD. It was the Tallgeese, and it's shield xD. Then I looked for some scraps to use so that I'll have a Tallgeese-like-shield-on-the-shoulder :D.

Found the HG 1/144 Dynames scraps that Shaq/CRSNIK gave me the first time I attended a GMAC Meet.

Used the upper part of the arm :D

Trimmed it down like hell using my hobby knife lol

Now, trimmed down a portion of the shoulder so that I can make way for the...err..joint? :O


Then, I find it a bit high, so I lowered it using my hobby knife(again) XD..

I also changed the platings on the chest a bit as well :D

Worked on the Adaptor part that I used on this kit (extended it's length 5mm).

Done! Still need to clean this up though :D

Did something for the chest XD..I used the solid wire that came with the MG L/S Strike Gundam XD..

Attached it on the chest XD

That's it for this update! till then~ :3