Thursday, June 14, 2012

WIP: Operation: AMRe (MG 00Q-pt2)

Worked on some bullet holes and some scratches on my 00Q :)

Primed the head and body afterwards. I was expecting to experience some disassembling problems, but fortunately..I didn't XD..

Will work on the arms and legs when I have the time :). Till then~

Saturday, June 9, 2012

WIP: Operation AMRe: MG ARF 05

Hi guys! Been busy fixing stuffs on our newly opened shop! anyway, I did some updates on the project. Started working on the MG 00Q I got a month ago. Yep! MG 00Q, don't get confused because the MG 00Q is actually part of the project here's what I did:

The idea is to make the 00Q heavily damaged.

Did initial damages on the cockpit, and checked if the knife of my ARF will fit in.

Then I used a pentel pen to mark which and where will the damage be placed :D

And here's the final result(s):

Will still add damages on the head though :)..and will work on some internal details to make it more...realistic(?) lol..anyway, that's it for this update! till then! :D