Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Spraycan User.

My thoughts.

Ah! It's been a while since I started painting my kits, actually I started using spraycan up until now. Now, let's talk about the brands I have used. Talk about their pros and cons IMO. This is just me, base on my experience.

First of, let's talk about Bosny Spraycans.

Oh! almost everyone I know loves or likes using this spraycan brand. Mainly because, it's available to almost every hardware near you. What I like about this brand is their Flat Colors (Black, Clear, White, Primer Grey). They are not thick when used, dries pretty fast too! What I don't really like much about this brands are it's regular colors of paints (white-blue-red-yellow-etc.). I find them TOO thick, or it's just me? lol. So I swear that I'll only be getting Bosny brand of paints if it is Flat colored. If it's not, I'll pass :P.

Second, Pylox.

I've heard a lot about this brand from my friends. So I thought of giving it a try and pretty much messed up my kit. The kit I was working on that time was my 1/100 NG Astraea. Gave Pylox's Super Flat White a try. It ended up (somehow) melting my Primer, and since the part was originally colored red, it ended up as a light shade of red (pink) instead of white. Never used Pylox brand since then.

Third, Kobe!

Chrome and Deep Red! So far, it never gave me a problem. Kobe's Chrome are shiny too! Used that paint on the frame of my Astraea and my IJ (Infinite Justice). Kobe sprays pretty good too! Their thin and they are cheap too! Got the Chrome for 99php vs. Bosny/Nikko's Chrome which cost's around 180-200php here.

Fourth, Lotus.

Tried using this brand when I was working on my Bearguy. Only tried using the 'Light Cream' color though. They are about the same quality as Bosny-Kobe brands, sprays not too thick, just about enough to fully cover/paint a part in one coat. Cures/Dries pretty fast too! This brand is cheap btw, each can costs around 80-90php/can (any color) here in my place.

Last but not the least, Nikko Spraycans!

Love using these paints as they are pretty much self-leveling (when you're painting in the right weather/temp). They also have a wide range of colors that comes handy, specially if I'm trying to do a custom color scheme on one of my kits. They also have this paint called 'Metallic Ash Grey' which are close to Tamiya's Gunmetal :D. Just a friendly advice when using this paint, don't you dare paint when it's raining and/or at night. You'll get a...errr....sloppy texture lol.

So yeah. As I've said earlier, this is only based on my experience. :)) Till then~

Saturday, July 14, 2012

WIP: Operation: AMRe: MG ARF (Progress so far)

Ah! This is my current progress on the frame of my ARF~

That white part on the hands, will still be painted with a much lighter shade of pink. So I guess at this moment you guys already know what the color scheme of my ARF be.

Once I'm done working with the last couple parts of the frame, I'll start priming the armor parts and prep it for hand-brushing. Wish me luck! as this is going to be my first time painting via hand-brushing! Till then! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

WIP: Operation: AMRe: MG ARF Update #7

Ah! I've been working on my 00Q and my ARF~ And here are the photos! :D

This is the painting process of the frame of the 00Q~

Masking like a boss! XD

The 00Q

Did a modification on the back skirt armor of my ARF~

I also tested out the Pink Paint I bought last April lol~

I'm almost done painting the frame of my ARF, will post updates tomorrow! Till then!