Friday, September 21, 2012

HG Shaldoll Ver. Odium WIP #01

Did something to my HG Shaldoll :D (This is btw, our Brando Bell Group Build)

First of, this is what I plan on doing on it's backpack.

Next, I did some cutting on the backpack in order for me to attach the thing that will hold the TA's boosters.

Then I trimmed down the part that will hold the Tactical Arm's boosters, so it can fit in.

I then attached the boosters on the backpack of the Shaldoll.

Next is, I worked on the head. The eye lens for me is too big, so I decided to make it a bit smaller somehow :). Using a .5mm HIPS (High Impact Plastic Sheets) I did this.

Sanded the putty I applied, and primed it to see if there are still something to work on.

Still needs a lot of work on the head though haha :)).

Removed the design on the body, and replaced it with a koto part.

And oh! Look! It can transform now! haha!

I also added wings on the shoulder armor, still working on it.

Till next update~

Saturday, September 1, 2012

DM D-Style Blade Liger

Just finished working on my DM D-Style Blade Liger.

Broke the clear part on the head/cockpit lol..White parts we're handbrushed, everything else we're painted via spraycans.

Tried my best to remove the seamlines, but meeehh...The cement just won't work >_<.

Paints used:
Bosny Primer Gray
Nikko Red
Nikko Pink
Nikko Metallic Ash Gray
Vallejo White

That's it~ Till then~