Sunday, May 12, 2013

No Updates?

Yeap, no new updates on this blog for a couple of months now. Why? Been very, veeeeryy busy IRL. Work, and a couple of personal things which led me on hiatus/hibernate mode on my hobby.

But hey! Been playing games a lot lately haha! It's my one of my 'stress-reliever' *aside from doing some gunpla*. So, what's this post all about? Nothing much actually, just want to show you guys what I have been doing and/or playing lately.

RF Online. It's a private server though, but this server is fun and balanced imo.

Dead Space 2. Bought it for one reason. It was on sale LOL! This game scared the shit out of me when I first played it. A fun game, should've bought it when it was first released haha!

Tera EU. I'm not really sure if it's a good game or not. I only played for a couple of days lol. Then I got bored for some retarded reason and went back to playing Dota 2 instead.

Dota 2. A casual player, I am just. I am more of a support player, I rarely play carry/dps heroes as I suck at farming lol.

Autocad. And yeah, been trying to self-study with some of my friends. We're planning on applying as a cad-designer soon. Wish us luck lol

So yeah, I haven't touched any hobby-related stuff lately. Anyways, that's it for this post~ Till then! :)